As ADEXILIS Group of Companies, we operate in Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Austria, Poland, Romania and Turkey. Our headquarters is in Switzerland. We provide training and consultancy services in the field of health and create innovative platforms in the digital field. We choose the products on our platforms from innovative products on the international health agenda. All of our products are based on scientific data for human and public health.

In Women’s Health our aim is to search for cutting edge products of the industry and bring them to the doctors and patients. We want to give women a broader possibility of choices whether it is family planning, contraception or issues connected to menstruation. We would like to take up a role not only in creating the newest trends (in pharma, supplements or medical devices) in Turkey but also caring and consulting women in their full life-cycle.

We are a dedicated team that works hard, takes ADEXILIS forward, and aims to touch more people's lives. While products, processes and financial facts are important, the people whose lives we touch are always at the center of all our decisions regarding the future of the group.